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Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Social Club Health club and Spa Water Fountains Cinema


  • Oblisco Capitale Tower New Capital
  • Oblisco Capitale Tower
  • الاطلاله لبرج أوبليسكو كابيتالي العاصمة الادارية الجديدة
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Project Name Oblisco Capitale Tower New Capital
About Project It is the tallest tower in the world with a length of 1000 m² and was designed in the form of a pharaonic obelisk surrounded by a water channel resembling the Nile River. Connecting many of the most important areas of the Administrative Capital, it includes a lot of high-quality services and hotel apartments that are designed to the latest world-class.
Location Located in the heart of the Administrative Capital of Central Business District, it is close to Mohammed Bin Zayed axis, as well as Al Sefarat Neighborhood and the Regional Ring Road, as well as Al Massa Hotel and the Middle Ring Road.
Project Space One million two hundred and fifty thousand square meters.
Developer Name

El Nasr Housing & Development.

Units Types (Hotel Apartments - Commercial Centers - Medical Centers - Recreational Centers

Oblisco Capitale New Capital

In light of the tremendous architectural developments taking place in Egypt in recent times, especially within the New Administrative Capital, a lot of outstanding architectural constructions that have caused a sensation in the world, due to its sheer accuracy, size and splendor of its exterior design. Oblisco Capitale Tower is at the top of these constructions where it is the tallest tower in the world to surpass Burj Khalifa in Dubai which reaches about 868 meters but Oblisco Tower reaches 1000 meters, so follow us on the following lines to learn together more details about the tower in terms of the developer of the project and services available as well as apartment prices.

The Geographical location of Oblisco Capitale Administrative Capital

As for the location of the tower, it is very distinct as it is located in the heart of the Administrative Capital, especially in the central business district, which includes about 20 towers dedicated only to business administration in the Capital and many other services. It is also near the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, embassies district, Regional ring road, Al Masa Hotel, the Central Ring road and many other central areas in the Administrative Capital.

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Information about the Developer Of Oblisco Capitale Tower

  • El Nasr Housing & Development is the first responsible for the design of Oblisco Capitale New Capital, where it has extensive experience in the field of construction that exceeds 60 years when it was established by a republican resolution in 1962 in order to operate in the field of architectural construction in Egypt. The company has established more than 4000 residential units in Al-Muqattam and the processing of about 4 million meters in the city of 6th of October and also thanks to it the development of the executive plan of Oblisco Capitale, but it is worth mentioning that the executing company is El Nasr Housing & Development, which worked on the execution of a lot of infrastructure projects in many countries.
  • In addition to the Project Of Oblisco Capitale tower in Egypt, which comes in the form of a Pharaonic obelisk surrounded by a canal resembling the Nile River, this project was established with a loan from the State of China, which provides an initial payment of up to 15% and the remaining 85% is divided in the form of payments over 10 years.

Spaces of Oblisco Capitale New Capital

Oblisco Capitale Tower was established with a cost of 3.2 billion Dollars, scheduled to open in 2020 as directed by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. It consists of 250 floors comprising all aspects of high-end life from commercial markets, amusement parks, cafés, restaurants, cinemas, recreation and relaxation venues with the swimming pools at the top of the tower. It has also connected many important vital areas in the Administrative Capital, and the building is estimated to be only about 1,200,050 meters while the area of the surrounding buildings reaches 465,000 meters.

Available Services Oblisco Capitale New Capital

  • There are many and various services provided by the Tower, for example, it is located near the various central and important areas in the Administrative Capital such as Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis and includes a lot of high-end and distinguished services and high-end hotel apartments that have been designed in the latest world-class style, a 12 commercial compounds and plenty of high-end hotels at the highest level of service, with a huge commercial market offering plenty of international brands and various other supplies that the residents need.
  • In addition to the presence of many headquarters or branches of banks and debit machines and also currency exchange bureaux. It provides a lot of swimming pools that overlook the stunning scenery and located at the top of the tower for a distinct panoramic view, in addition to the availability of highly advanced electronic markets keep up with the latest technology, and even the markets of gold and luxury leather manufacture. Moreover, medical centers and clinics that provide the best medical services, with the establishment of a number of industrial lakes around the tower that give a magnificent view from the top, and even the tower was covered with glass facades from the outside which reflect the sunlight, giving visitors a sense of luxury alongside the Pharaonic design that makes it a beauty and splendor and even combines the originality of the past with the current technological development.



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