The Office New Capital

From 2,500,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2024
Developed by: IC Group

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Project Name: The Office.

Project Location: It is located at one of the most exclusive districts in the New Administrative Capital, the most famous and active district, Central Business District.

Project Area: it was established on an area of 8200 square meters.

Units Types: commercial units - administrative units - medical clinics.

Meter Price: The average price per meter in the mall starts at 50,000 pounds.

The owner company: IC Group Real Estate Developments.

Payment methods: The customer pays 10% of the total unit value as a down payment, 5% after four months, and the rest can be paid in installments over a period of 6 years.

A golden opportunity to safely invest in The Office New Capital

A safe investment is achieved with The Office Mall in New Administrative Capital, which offers you on a silver platter an exceptional opportunity to start your business within a dynamic and integrated headquarters whether you are looking for commercial, administrative, or even medical units.

Don't worry about your success rates because it will be extremely high thanks to the huge mall site, which ensures the popularity and growing demand for all activities in it, whether commercial or service.

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The Office location

The search for the headquarters of your project in a distinct and dynamic location that increases its chances of success means booking a unit within this mall without hesitation because it is located in one of the most distinctive neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital, namely Central Business District which the most famous and active area within New Capital, especially with the construction of the mall directly in front of the Ministry of Education and Al Asema company in addition that it is in the middle of two of the most important areas there: banks and ministries, it is also near the following:

  • Suez Road: The distance between them takes only 5 minutes.
  • Ring Road.
  • Mohammed bin Zayed Axis.
  • Presidential District.
  • Presidential Park.
  • New Cairo: The distance between it and the mall takes only 5 minutes.
  • Gold Market: Only 7 minutes from the mall.
  • Al Ain Sokhna: The distance between them takes only 60 minutes.
  • A number of ministry headquarters, important local and international banking headquarters.

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The Office Master Plan

This Mall remains the first choice always and forever whether you are looking for a commercial, administrative or medical unit because it was built on a large area of 8,200 square meters to accommodate all these units of different sizes while at the same time accommodate the services and other facilities it offers to its customers.

The mall consists of a ground floor and 7 upper floors and its various units are distributed in an innovative way on all floors and in multiple spaces to ensure the greatest comfort and tranquility for its owners or those being there, as follows:

  • Ground floor: It includes units with areas ranging from 80 square meters
  • First and second floor: There are commercial units with areas starting from 25 square meters.
  • 3rd and 4th floor: There are administrative units starting with an area of 10 square meters.
  • 5th, 6th, and 7th floors: There are administrative, as well as medical units, and their area starts from 50 square meters.

The number of administrative offices in the mall is about 270 offices equipped with all the necessary services and equipment to ensure that various work is facilitated.

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Services and features within The Office New Capital

Excellence is the address of The Office Mall New Capital because the services provided in it are carefully selected and the advantages it enjoys do not compete with any other project, it is unique with it alone, we explain these services and those advantages as follows:

  • Installation of central air conditioning that serves the entire mall.

  • Fire alarm systems, ensuring more security within the place, and maintaining the safety of those in it.

  • It is equipped with escalators, so it is easy to move between its upper floors especially for people who have difficulty climbing the stairs for any reason.

  • Places of prayer have been provided so that it is easier for the owners of the units or even visitors to the mall to pray while they are there. 

  • It is equipped with elevators, ensuring that the escalators are not crowded and it is easy to move from floor to floor without any congestion.

  • Data is connected to each mall unit by modern cables dedicated to this purpose.

  • A number of bathrooms, some for ladies and others for men, are available to the unit owners as well as visitors of the mall alike.

  • The mall's gates are armored to ensure maximum protection and ensure the integrity of security services within the place.

  • Various advertising tools are available within the mall, ensuring that the various projects in it are well promoted and enjoy increased demand.

  • Maintenance services are available periodically, which contributes to avoiding work failure due to any breakdowns within the mall or in its units.

  • The mall is equipped with dedicated meeting rooms to ensure the provision of integrated management services.

  • There is a dedicated area for restaurants and cafes that are very well equipped.

  • The Office Egypt is equipped with a central Internet network that serves all units of the mall which is a necessary service to keep pace with recent developments that have made most of the business mainly depend on the Internet in more than one aspect.

  • The mall has a reception service to answer any queries for customers or visitors.

  • Providing a special feature rarely found in such projects which is the presence of a coffee bar inside the mall.

  • It is characterized by the presence of private outdoor spaces with the possibility of the presence of projects that need such spaces, the mall is also characterized by the presence of seating areas so that visitors can rest in the place after shopping.

  • All the units and administrative offices in the mall were provided with all the necessary services, based on studies and research conducted by the company implementing the project to find out what customers need and provide it.

  • It is the first mall in the entire real estate market within Egypt that global trends are being applied in its implementation.

  • The mall is equipped with special reception places for visitors, but the company implementing the project was keen to provide the best possible services so it resorted to contracting with a specialized international company working in the field of operation and management of international business centers.

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The owner company profile

It was natural that The Office Capital mall enjoyed all this excellence that made it the most prominent among many other competing malls, because IC Group, the owner company, did not save any effort or money within its project in any way but spent millions of pounds to implement it, where the total investment of the project amounted to 900 million pounds and the expected sales value of it amounted to one billion and 200 million pounds.

The mall is the second project of the company in the New Administrative Capital, but it has already implemented many major residential, tourism, and commercial projects throughout its history since 1995, I C GROUP is the product of the cooperation of 3 major companies working in the real estate management, trade, real estate development sector, managed by Engineer Hani Al Far, who succeeded in making it one of the most successful companies in the real estate development sector.

All the company's projects have achieved unparalleled successes thanks to the advantages enjoyed exclusively by it, which provide excellent investment opportunities for its customers, so the company is developing a plan to expand its activity not only at the local level but extends to all countries of the world, especially the United States of America.

The company's projects are spread within Egypt in the most important cities, such as New Cairo, Al Shorouk, El Obour, and the successes achieved by these projects did not come by accident, but on the basis of a clear strategy adopted by the company from the beginning about implementing projects to satisfy the client and bring him the comfort that he expects, we explain a number of the group's most important previous projects as follows:

  • Residential projects: Obour compound in El Obour City, Life View compound in El Shorouk, and Smart Life Town in New Cairo.
  • Commercial Projects: Gold Market New Cairo and Life Gate Mall in 5th Settlement.
  • Tourism projects: Pali project in Ras Sedr and Rezora Lakes Ras Suder.
  • Projects planned to be established: Star Bay Resort in Ain Sokhna, Life View 6 October, and Life View project in Florida, USA.

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Units prices in The Office mall by IC Group

The money you pay to own a unit within the mall will be much less than the return you will get if you are lucky and have already managed to book a unit, the average price per meter in the various mall units can be explained as follows:

  • Commercial units on the ground floor: the average price per meter starts at a minimum of 120 pounds.
  • Commercial units on the first floor: the average price per meter starts from 75,000 pounds.
  • Administrative and medical units: The average price per meter starts at EGP 33,000.
  • Integrated administrative units: The average price per meter starts at EGP 50,000.

The expected investment rental revenue from commercial and administrative units ranges from 12 to 15%, while the highly equipped administrative units have a double rental yield to an average of 20 to 25%.

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The payment systems and facilities provided within the project

You will not only get a suitable price and a large rental return with The Office New Capital but you will also have special facilities upon payment, consisting of paying 10% of your total unit value as a down payment, 5% after four months and the rest can be paid in installments over a period of 6 years.


  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Cinema

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