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Tiba Rose New Capital Compound

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Project Description

Project Name: Tiba Rose.

About Tiba Rose Project: an integrated residential compound by Tiba Rose Cooperative Housing and Construction Association near the Opera House, Al Masa Hotel, and the Presidential Palace.

Tiba Rose Location: in the heart of the New Administrative Capital - Al Sefarat Neighbourhood, the 7th District R7.

Tiba Rose Compound New Capital Space: 150 acres.

The Developer Name: Tiba Rose Cooperative Housing and Construction Association.

Units Type: apartments - twinhouses - townhouses - villas.

Units Space: It starts from 150 m² up to 600 m².

Price per Meter: starts from 4000 EGP.

Payment Systems: Two different systems are available: paying a downpayment and installments of the rest in 7 installments every 3 months up to 3 years, or installments in two payments per year for 3 years as well.

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About Tiba Rose New Capital

Tiba Rose New Administrative Capital is one of the modern compacts that feature a very unique design that combines modernity, originality, elegance, and sophistication at the same time, and Tiba Rose Cooperative Housing and Construction Association the real estate developer has decided to build on a small area of total space for Tiba compound and the rest is allocated for services and entertainment, also within Tiba Rose New Capital compound there is a range of different spaces and different prices which make it suitable for everyone.

Tiba Rose Compound is the first residential compound by the Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces in the Administrative Capital and is established by Tiba Rose Cooperative Housing and Construction Association. Tiba Rose New Capital is a compound by Air Defense Forces, and it includes a variety of apartments, villas, townhouses and twin houses, as well as a wide range of amenities and luxury.

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It also occupies a very privileged position in the heart of the Administrative Capital near all different vital areas, which makes access to it very easy, as well as the varied spaces and payment methods of the residential unit. It is enough that it is a project of the army which guarantees you accuracy and speed of implementation and full compliance with specifications.

Location of Tiba Rose New Capital

The most important feature of Teba Rose is the very privileged location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital at Al Sefarat Neighbourhood in the 7th District (R7).

The most important landmarks near Tiba Rose New Capital Compound:

  • Al Masa Hotel, which is one of the greatest hotels in Egypt.
  • As well as near Celia Compound.
  • Conference Hall and The Opera House.
  • New Capital Airport and the Presidential Palace.
  • Moreover, it is located near the new ring road and the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Southern Axis, making it easily accessible.

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Discover the pleasure of unique architectural design with Tiba Rose Compound New Capital, where we provide you with an exceptional experience that meets all your aspirations

Tiba Rose Compound in the New Administrative Capital is uniquely designed with an elegant and luxurious style that imitates European projects with the best quality building materials and weather resistant raw materials. The owning company paid attention to the smallest details in the project to make it an icon of creativity and beauty among other residential projects in the New Capital. It assigned the task of creating designs and engineering plans to the best consultants, architects and designers. The compound was implemented with great precision while maintaining balance between green spaces and residential units with elegant facades that catch the eye. The project is divided as follows:

  • Tiba Rose project in the New Capital was built on an area of up to 150 acres, equivalent to 631,512 square meters.

  • Green spaces, artificial lakes and recreational facilities occupied the largest part of the project area, while the rest of the area is for residential units.
  • The compound consists of 7-storey residential buildings comprising 3,424 residential units.
  • The project includes apartments and standalone villas in different sizes.

Choose your ideal unit from our diverse collection of units designed to provide you with luxury and comfort at once in Tiba Rose Compound New Capital

The large area and precise distribution of spaces in Tiba Rose Compound New Capital helped provide residential units in various sizes to suit all tastes, allowing the client to easily obtain the unit that suits their needs from the following available sizes:

  • The area of residential apartments in Tiba Rose New Capital starts from 150 up to 200 square meters.

  • The area of standalone villas in the project ranges from 500 up to 600 square meters.

Get to know with us the most important services and features within Tiba Rose Compound

  • Tiba Rose New Capital compound is characterized by the presence of swimming pools distributed within Tiba Rose project that varies in spaces and sizes to suit all different age groups and enjoy the best times.

  • Tiba Rose project contains artificial lakes characterized by their crystal waters and gives an aesthetic view and psychological comfort.

  • For shopping lovers, Tiba Rose New Capital compound includes an integrated commercial area with many different stores such as shoes, perfumes, clothes, and cosmetics, and there are also the finest brands and international brands to enjoy an unparalleled buying experience inside Tiba Rose Compound.
  • The most important feature of Tiba Rose Capital compound is its strategic location and its proximity to vital sites in New Administrative Capital.
  • Within Tiba Rose project, there are special beauty centers for hair, face, and nail care.
  • Restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of oriental and western foods and the most delicious recipes for your favorite meal at Tiba Rose Project.
  • Many medical clinics in various specialties, the latest devices and equipment, and the presence of the best-specialized doctors to receive emergency cases inside Tiba Rose.
  • An integrated gym with many different sports and there are many spacious playgrounds to keep you fit.
  • If you like to exercise in the green spaces and the fresh air, a large track has been created for running, jogging, and cycling on safe paths away from cars.
  • A social club inside Tiba Rose Capital compound with many social and cultural activities and a place designated to sit with family and friends and have a good time inside Tiba Rose New Capital.
  • Tiba Rose New Capital compound contains a large mosque designed in a wonderful architectural style for religious rites, and it is constantly cleaned and disinfected.
  • A kids' area with many different fun games such as amusement parks and swimming pools in addition to various educational activities to develop skills.
  • An integrated health club with many modern equipment and devices and the best trainers, in addition to spa rooms, jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • Providing a security system of the highest level and appointing security personnel to maintain the security and stability of Tiba Rose Capital compound.
  • Large garages that can accommodate many cars to preserve the property of the residents of Tiba Rose Capital compound and reduce congestion within Tiba Rose New Capital project.
  • The most important feature of Tiba Rose New Capital project is its proximity to universities, schools, and nurseries to obtain a high level of education.
  • There are 24-hour surveillance cameras throughout Tiba Rose Capital compound to monitor all movements at Tiba Rose New Capital Compound.
  • Wide greenery occupies a large space of Tiba Rose Capital compound to give a stunning view and a pure environment.

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Spaces of apartments in Tiba Rose Compound

The price per meter within Tiba Rose Capital compound starts from 4000 EGP.

It includes a variety of residential units, which vary according to space, view, and price, as for the spaces of the residential units as follows: 

The units' spaces vary among 150 m² up to 600 m².

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Prices of residential units

The most important feature of this charming compound is its prices, which are not comparable to the rest of the prices of the units within the New Administrative Capital projects, as the prices of the units start from 600,000 EGP up to 2,400,000 EGP.

  • Standalone villas with a space of 600 m², with a reservation downpayment of 400,0000 EGP, a supplementary payment of 200,000 EGP, quarterly installments worth 175,000 EGP, annual installments of 200,000 EGP, and a receipt payment after a year worth 450,000 EGP and 450,000 EGP allocation payment, thus the total value of the unit is 4,200.000 EGP.
  • A 500 m² twin house with a downpayment of 400,000 EGP, and total price of 3,250.000 EGP.
  • A 200 m² residential unit consists of 3 rooms with a downpayment of 200,000 EGP, 35,000 EGP quarterly installments, 25,000 annual installments, 55,000 allocation payment after a year, and 50,000 upon receipt, the unit's value becomes 800,000 EGP.
  • A 175 m² unit consists of three rooms with a 175,000 EGP downpayment, while the total value is 700,000 EGP.
  • A 150 m² unit consists of 3 rooms with a 150,000 downpayment and 12 annual installments worth LE 25,000, three annual installments worth 21,000 EGP, 45,000 EGP allocation payment after a year, and 40,000 receipt payment, so the total is 600,000 EGP.

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Payment Systems & Delivery Date of units in Tiba Rose New Capital

Two different systems are available: advance payment and installments of the rest in 7 installments every 3 months for up to 3 years, or installments in two installments per year for 3 years as well.

The real estate developer has announced the start of residential units delivery within the Compound in 2022.

What are the requirements for booking the New Administrative Capital units?

This may be one of the important questions that many people have in mind, but we would like to inform you that booking Administrative Capital apartments is through a data form without any requirements other than being able to pay for the value of the residential unit.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

All You Need to Know about Egypt New Capital City Project

Disadvantages of Tiba Rose New Capital Compound

It is difficult to find weak points in the Tibarose Administrative Capital project. Although some people may find a 4-year delivery period to be long, there is an investment aspect to consider: purchasing a unit now in its initial stages of construction costs less than if it was purchased after it has been completed. Over time, real estate units increase in value, meaning that owning a unit at today's price is a profitable option in the long term.

Head towards trusted investment with our real estate developer, who combines penetrating vision and extensive experience over the years

Tiba Rose Real Estate Company is the developer and owner of Tiba Rose Compound New Administrative Capital. It is one of the leading companies in the real estate market that has proven its competence in a short time in the field of real estate development, as it has presented many high quality real estate projects that have earned it the trust of its customers. The most prominent projects it has undertaken include:

  • Developing bridges and main roads.

  • Digging the new Suez Canal.

Life in a New Dimension: Enjoy the Services of the New Administrative Capital and Premium Quality of Life!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents a fresh landscape that is shaping the future of urban and service development in the country. Construction began in 2015, and the city witnessed the completion of its first phase of development in 2019, marking the beginning of a new era in the administration and advancement of public services. The new city, with its modern and diverse facilities, reflects Egypt's aspirations to create integrated living and working spaces.

The Administrative Capital presents an outstanding model of modern planning, with residential areas designed to cater to all needs, ranging from apartments of various sizes to luxurious villas. It also incorporates upscale commercial and recreational spaces, including high-end hotels, diverse restaurants, and shopping malls featuring international brands.

The commitment to improving infrastructure is evident in the developments witnessed in the city, from enhanced roads and a comprehensive transportation system involving train and bus stations, ensuring seamless mobility within and outside the city. Plans are also in place to establish hospitals, universities, and cultural and commercial centers, aiming to provide residents with a premium and comprehensive living experience.

The new capital aspires to become a magnet for domestic and foreign investment, offering companies a range of investment opportunities supported by advanced infrastructure and commercial facilities, ultimately boosting the Egyptian economy and creating new job opportunities.

The New Administrative Capital embodies a grand dream, reflecting Egypt's desire to build a future with a broad horizon of development and progress, relying on an integrated strategy that combines modern urban planning and providing a high quality of life for its residents. It is hoped that this city will directly contribute to the advancement of the Egyptian economy and open new horizons for comprehensive development.

The Administrative Capital: A New Vision for the Ideal Urban Life!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is an advanced model of a modern city that combines the attributes of innovation and the provision of contemporary facilities within stunning architectural designs. This project aims to provide a high-quality living environment and comfortable amenities for its residents. The buildings in the new capital are distinguished by their unique architectural character and the use of the latest construction technologies to create innovative landmarks.

The Administrative Capital boasts vast green spaces, including gardens and parks, contributing to a vibrant and healthy environment. Additionally, it encompasses a wide range of modern facilities that cater to all residents' needs, such as commercial areas, upscale shopping centers, advanced hospitals, and high-quality educational institutions. Recreational facilities like health clubs, theaters, and sports venues are also available.

The Administrative Capital prides itself on providing a safe and sustainable environment, as it is equipped with a comprehensive security system that ensures protection and safety for its residents. The capital is an ideal place for living and investment, offering ample opportunities for work and personal growth, as well as being an attractive destination for visitors eager to explore Egypt's rich culture and history.

Through this ambitious project, Egypt emerges as a leader in shaping new dimensions of luxurious urban living in the region, reaffirming its commitment to the principles of sustainable development and architectural progress.

Table of Features Available in the New Administrative Capital:

Features Description
Architectural Design Modern buildings with unique designs and expansive green spaces.
Modern Facilities Commercial areas, shopping centers, hospitals, and high-quality schools.
Comfort and Safety Safe and sustainable environment with an integrated security and surveillance system.
Employment and Investment Opportunities Provides ample opportunities for work and personal growth, and is an ideal destination for visitors.

Excellence and Proximity: Compounds Rivaling the Quality of Tiba Rose Compound in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital is an ideal destination for those seeking a luxurious and serene living experience, thanks to the availability of a range of outstanding residential compounds. This area boasts modern architectural masterpieces that embody excellence and refinement. Among these projects are Venia Compound, Floria Compound, Atika Compound, and Park Lane Compound, all located in close proximity to the prestigious Tiba Rose Compound.

  1. Venia Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The Venia Compound takes pride in offering a comprehensive residential experience, along with modern designs and contemporary amenities. It features residential units that combine luxury and practicality, catering to diverse needs.

  2. Floria Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
     The Floria Compound presents an exceptional concept of living, with its distinguished amenities such as expansive gardens and refreshing pools, dedicated to providing a peaceful and unique lifestyle.

  3. Atika Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The Atika Compound features elegant and luxurious residential units, with meticulous attention to design details and the provision of high-end recreational facilities, ensuring the comfort and relaxation of its residents.

  4. Park Lane Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The Park Lane Compound stands out with its green spaces and modern designs that pave the way for a lavish residential life, while providing a safe and comfortable environment for families.

These compounds represent the epitome of luxury and comfort, offering an ideal choice for those aspiring to settle in an exclusive and serene environment within the vicinity of the New Administrative Capital, with all its amenities and luxuries.

Your Comprehensive Guide: How to Make the Process of Buying Real Estate in Tiba Rose Compound, New Administrative Capital, Easier with

Step One: Start with Exploration
First, it is advisable to visit the website to browse the available residential units within the Tiba Rose Compound. Here, you can delve into the details of each unit, considering factors such as area, room layout, bathroom design, as well as familiarize yourself with the compound's geographical location and the services it offers.

Step Two: Connect with Experts
If you find a unit that meets your requirements and preferences, the next step is to reach out to the support team at They act as guides, providing you with comprehensive and accurate information about the selected unit and the upcoming purchase steps.

Step Three: Arrange a Visit and Negotiate
After consulting with the team, it's time to schedule a visit to the project site to get a firsthand look at the details and features. This visit is your opportunity to gain a complete picture of the property and make an informed decision. If interested in purchasing, you can start discussing the terms and prices with the developer.

Step Four: Complete the Purchase
Once all the details and terms are agreed upon, it's time to finalize the purchase, which includes signing the sales contract, making the down payment, and completing the legal procedures to register the property in your name.

Step Five: Receive the Keys
Finally, after all the procedures are completed and you've ensured that all construction work and interior finishing touches have been carried out as required, it's time to receive your residential unit and move in.

By following these steps and maintaining effective communication with the professionals, you can ensure that you make the best decision for you and your family in choosing the ideal home.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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New Administrative Capital

1,000,000 EGP


Tiba Rose Cooperative Housing and Construction Association.

12 apartments

paying a downpayment and installments of the rest in 7 installments every 3 months up to 3 years

150 acres


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