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From 3,999,999 EGP
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Delivery Date 2021

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Project Name: Plaza Espana.

About the project: It is an administrative, medical, and commercial mall with all the services and facilities where customers find everything that fulfills their desire to have a distinctive unit and a headquarter for their work in a distinctive location.

Plaza Espana Location: It is located at the beginning of Sheikh Zayed entrance No 4 on Al Amal Axis.

Project Area: it was established on a large area of up to 14250 square meters.

Units Types: It ranges from administrative offices to commercial shops and medical clinics.

Units Spaces: It ranges from 43 square meters up to about 423 square meters.

The owner company: El Khateb for Contracting and Real Estate Investment.

Payment methods: 50% of the total unit price as a down payment at the time of contract, and the rest of the unit price over two years, this is for commercial units, as for the administrative units, it can be owned by a down payment of 30% of the total unit price at the time of contract, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over three years.

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Plaza Espana is your gateway to a successful future and a successful investment

This project is one of the largest and most comprehensive malls of Sheikh Zayed City, as it is located on a large area and includes four buildings and includes units of various sizes.

It is an integrated administrative, medical, and commercial mall with all services and facilities where customers find what achieves their desire to get a distinctive unit and a headquarter for their work in a luxury mall at a distinctive location attracts many customers and guarantees them the success and excellence of their projects.

We shall highlight this project in some detail within the following report.

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Project Location

This project is the mall that fulfills your dreams of having a unique place for your business with a location close to all the main roads and hubs to reach it easily.

The mall is located at the beginning of Sheikh Zayed entrance 4 on Al Amal Axis, this site means that it is located in a strategic location that is easily accessible.

It is also located in close proximity to important residential projects and compounds that increase the popularity of projects within it, including the famous Zayed Residence project. "The source of the site is from google maps"

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Area of Plaza Espana 6 October

Plaza Espana Mall is a huge project built on a large area of nearly 14,250 square meters divided into administrative, commercial, and medical units, and the divisions of the spaces in the project are as follows:

  • The project is divided into four buildings, the first building is dedicated to medical clinics, Al Safwa hospital, and bank headquarters as well as a large Gian hypermarket.
  • A building has been set aside for the gym and the spa, and areas for kids' nurseries, car showrooms, cafes, restaurants, and shops.
  • There are 2 buildings for administrative offices, cafes, shops, and restaurants.
  • The administrative units range in size from 77 square meters up to 326 square meters.
  • The area of commercial units ranges from 43 square meters up to 423 square meters.
  • The spaces in the mall are suitable for all activities and cover all customer needs in addition to their business and administrative activities.

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Services provided by Plaza Espana El Khateb

Plaza Espana Mall, or as it is also called Spain Mall, offers excellent services to customers and frequent guests, where everyone finds its way throughout this dazzlingly designed place with attractive facades and modern elegant and beautiful decoration, and all the comforts and luxury that make it a golden investment opportunity for anyone who decides to acquire an administrative or commercial headquarter in this mall.

The most important services in the mall are as follows:

  • The existence of a variety of spaces enables the client to choose the space that suits his taste and the nature of his activity.
  • There are green spaces surrounding the mall and give the units a comfortable and attractive view.
  • The mall has many cafes and restaurants serving delicious food and special drinks.
  • There is a large hypermarket that provides all the goods needed by the people around the mall.
  • A large hospital equipped with modern medical equipment with the highest level of medical staff.
  • At the mall, you will find banking branches that make it easy for you to handle all banking transactions.
  • There are administrative buildings.
  • There are a gym and spa with the highest level of equipment and the latest modern sports equipment.
  • Skilled security and guard services operate 24 hours a day to secure all parts of the mall.
  • The mall has nurseries for kids with a distinct level of education.
  • The mall has a luxurious clubhouse with a large number of leisure activities.
  • The mall is equipped with modern and fast imported elevators.
  • There are medical centers with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • There is a large garage that accommodates as many cars as possible in full security.
  • Nearby there are many services, the most important of which are schools, international universities, supermarkets, and health services.
  • The mall serves many large residential compounds nearby that contribute to the popularity and revival of units.

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Plaza Espana prices and payment systems

Plaza Espana Sheikh Zayed is one of Sheikh Zayed's largest and most luxurious malls, which includes a variety of areas in terms of both its spaces and activities and is surrounded by all the services that make the work enjoyable, while the prices are excellent when compared to the services received by the customer and the benefits it achieves.

As for payment systems, the company that owns the project has announced multiple payment systems to provide comfort to customers and ease the financial burdens on them, and the announced payment systems are as follows:

  • Payment systems for commercial units depend on the payment of 50% of the total unit price as a down payment at the time of contract, and the rest of the unit price is paid over two years.

  • As for administrative units, their payment systems depend on the customer's payment a down payment of 30% of the total unit price upon contract, and the rest of the unit price is paid in installments over three years.

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The executing company of the project

This mall is a large mall supervised by a large contracting company, El Khateb Contracting, and Real Estate Investment, a large company with a large name in the real estate world in Egypt, and has an honorable history of projects, the chairman of the company is Mr. Shaaban El Khateb, a conscious real estate mindset.

The company announced the completion of all construction and concrete works for the project several months ago, and it always adheres to delivery dates and all its work enjoys accuracy and mastery and the highest degree of confidence and credibility.

It can be said that Plaza Espana Zayed is not just a single-building mall and is not limited to the traditional and common form of malls, but it is four buildings united with each other and provide many administrative and commercial areas, so it is the gateway to the future that takes your hands to quickly cross the path of progress, success, and fruitful investment.

So there is no need to hesitate and search, the golden opportunity has come into your hands, choose your unit and enjoy all the elements of success at Plaza Espana Mall in the middle of Sheikh Zayed city.

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