Cyan El Gouna

From 6,381,855 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2020
Developed by: Orascom

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Apartment for sale in Cyan
Apartment for sale in Cyan
Apartment for sale in Cyan
Apartment for sale in Cyan
villa for sale in Cyan
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Project Name: Cyan.

About Project: A vacation residential compound by Orascom Development Egypt, near Abu Tig Marina.

Cyan Location: in El Gouna, Hurghada, in the heart of the Red Sea.

Cyan El Gouna Space: 121 acres.

Units Type: villas - townhouses - twinhouses.

Units Space: starts from 135 up to 333 m².

Price per meter: starts from 47,273 EGP up to 51,612 EGP.

The Executing Company Name: Orascom Development Egypt.

Payment Methods: 15% downpayment and installments range from 5 up to 7 years.

Cyan El Gouna Resort

Cyan Gouna Resort is one of the most important projects of Orascom Development Egypt as it provides a life combine the beauty of nature and modern life, it has 10 kilometers of red sea beaches. It has many architectural contributions in Egypt that exceed 25 projects. 

Among the major expansions of the company is the announcement of its acquisition of Whites Contracting Company in the United States of America, and is the first Egyptian company to include more than one nationality.

In 2006, Orascom's income exceeded EGP 2.8 billion.

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The real estate developer of Cyan El Gouna Resort

Orascom is one of the huge companies in the field of real estate development and has more than thirty years of experience, which makes it occupy a strong and well-established position in this field. This ancient company has provided advanced and high-quality residential complexes that directly serve the residents.

This is in addition to the new concept that it has added to the projects, which is technological development, which is one of the important attractions within the new businesses that it is constructing. Orascom has expanded the scope of its projects and has done various works in many other countries.

In this article, we were keen to clarify those important works, including the following:

  • O West Compound on the 6th of October.
  • Byoum Compound Fayoum Governorate.
  • Makadi Heights Resort Red Sea.
  • The Cove Rotana Resort the Emirates.
  • City Walk project inside Amman.
  • Jebel Sifah & Hawana Salalah Project Amman.
  • Luštica Bay Project Montenegro.
  • Shabeca Morocco Project.

Details about Cyan El Gouna Project

The total area of Cyan Village is 121 acres and contains many types of residential units, starting from one-floor villas with a garden and private pool, other two-floors villas, townhouses, and twin villas, although the villas are divided into groups of A, B, C, D in each group with a different type of villa.

Where is Cyan El Gouna Village?

It is located in the Red Sea Governorate in El Gouna area, near Abu Tig Marina.

Multiple services and facilities you can find at Cyan El Gouna Resort

It has a lot of various services and facilities that meet all the needs of the residents and make them extremely comfortable and increase their sense of well-being and pleasure, and we will present them in the rest of the following paragraph:

  • In order to spend unforgettable times and take distinguished cruises, Cyan Resort provided you with large yachts that provide everything you need to do fishing, diving or make a wonderful cruise.
  • The presence of restaurants and cafes with elegant designs gives a feeling of comfort and tranquility and provides excellent services.
  • Cyan El Gouna includes a large mall with shopping areas and major stores that provide you with all the different necessities you need.
  • The place includes medical clinics with many different specialties, available to serve the residents around the clock, in addition to a pharmacy.
  • A comprehensive health center with a spa, sauna, and other activities that make you spend enjoyable times of relaxation inside it.
  • Various sports fields for playing many games such as tennis, and there is a large golf course on a huge space with many holes.
  • Huge gym hall with modern equipment and equipment and supervised by the most qualified trainers who always provide a helping hand for you.
  • Swimming pools spread throughout the entire place serving all residents within Cyan El Gouna.
  • Large size gardens and parks with lots of colorful flowers and wonderfully shaped plants give the place joy.
  • An area designated for children with all the games that keep them entertained and fully secured for their safety.
  • All units have a private garage in order to reduce overcrowding and overcrowding.
  • An integrated social club with a lot of activities that stimulate communication between the residents of the place.
  • A large mosque equipped to receive worshipers is continuously sterilized and disinfected.
  • An integrated security system that provides protection and safety for residents.

Units Space and Price Per Meter

Two-floors villas in Cyan for Sale with a private garden - 3 bedrooms - a nanny room with three types of space 135 m², 165 m², and 200 m².

One-floor villas with a private garden with a standard space of 165 m².

Twin Villa with 3 bedrooms - a nanny room - a private garden overlooking lakes is with space of 165 m².

Twinhouses space starts from 144 m² up to 333 m².

Price per meter starts from 47,273 EGP up to 51,612 EGP.

Payment System and the Delivery Date

15% downpayment and installments range from up to 7 years in equal payments.

The units shall be delivered in 2020.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Hotel
  • Aqua park
  • 2 Bedrooms

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